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    Just want to confirm that this board is a great find. It is wonderful to find out there are people who genuinely care about hitting, teaching hitting, baseball. I am interested to understand how to eliminate bat drag in a swing. How about a definition of bat drag first and go from there. I am sure that many of you will throw out PCR. I want you guys to know that I have ordered the DVDs and am waiting patiently for them. I would just like some info on this flaw in particular. What have you all come across in your teaching (successes, failures, etc.) I read all this elbow behind hands stuff and I can't quite understand it. With all the different jargon/verbiage, I was hoping somebody or bodies could put in plain english for a hillbilly or at least "splain" it better Thanks in advance.

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    Here you go...

    Bat drag can be defined as when the top hand elbow leads or gets ahead of the knob of the bat. It is bad for several reasons. Probably the most prominent one is that it changes the center of rotation of the barrel of the bat from the knob to the top hand elbow this usually causes the hitter to cast(early extenstion/disconnection) the bat out away from his body creating a long, loopy slower swing.


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