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Dealing with bad mounds...

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  • Dealing with bad mounds...

    I play in an NJ amateur men's league and one of the biggest issues I face is the horrible shape the pitching mounds are in on a good 3/4 of the fields. One was so bad that the pitching rubber kicked out and slid off the back of the mound a few innings into the game. Most are more like small bumps rather than mounds with the landing areas being a ditch.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on the best way to handle these advberse conditions to maintain consistency?

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    I play in an adult league as well, and even though we haven't had quite the problems you seem to have had, we do have some rough mounds.

    There is only one thing you can do about it.....

    Fix IT!

    I bought a field rake, and take that along with a shovel and broom to all of our games. If i had the money i'd also buy a tamper (a heavy metal post with a heavy metal square on the bottome of it), and i'd also buy a hand pumped sprayer usually used for spraying insecticides.

    Rake the mound into some sembance of a mound, using a shovel if necessary for large bumps or to fill huge holes, then tamp it down, a lot, and some more, then lightly water, hopefully if there is enough clay in the dirt, it will absorb the water and help the dirt to stick together and harden; unfortunately, usually in our situation there is to much dirt, not enogh clay. After you've got the mound in decent shape, take the broom and sweep the around the mound on the grass, about 6inches to a foot from the dirt all the way in, this should help get some of the dirt that collects around the mound closer to where it belongs, also should help keep the grass area from dying or at least turning into a hump or second grassy mound.
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