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got he dixon book yet ?

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    Got it.

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    started a topic got he dixon book yet ?

    got he dixon book yet ?

    One way to organize extracting the hitting info from THE EXCEPTIONAL book is to start with pp61-2 and then look at the detailed analysis of Brett's swing earlier in the book.

    Brett is the poster boy for Lau and Dixon,and Dixon recommends reading Lau's ART OF HITTING .300 as prep for his own stuff.Hardest thing for Dixon to figure out was what lau meant by "weight shift".

    IF you look at the RHYTHM chapter.p.62,there is a simple explanation of Dixon's swing phases, with the key to jumping from good to exceptional swing pattern being the addition of Phase 2 to the motion.

    To reconcile the various gurus, I find you need to breakdown into more phases or important sequence and position details get left out.I find the following essential to map to Dixon:

    inward turn and hip cock is same as Phase 1 Shift to travel

    handcok and wind rubber band is same as Phase 2 Shift to explode

    Drop ant tilt is same as Phase 3 explode,and

    Swing is same as Phase 4 release.

    Arm action Dixon absolutes are (see p.61):

    Tension free distal links/above torso as opposed to ready mode or torso

    Phase1-Must go back (negative move) elbows down (not very accurate here)

    Phase2- Walk away from hands - very mysterious exactly how hands stay back here as torso turns forward - torso is described as havubg turned one third of way open at toe touch/end of Phase2. This phase somehow creates a "tremendous bind as shoulders twist back against the forward turning torso"

    Phase3- Arms can no longer resist, weight shifts to front foot,"torso now one third turned" (not really clear just when this happens) whips hands and bat

    Phase4- palms up/down/dog hits end of leash at contact

    What is keeping those hands back exactly in the tension free mode to creat the tremendous bind ?

    When is the torso turning open ?

    Does he ever talk about hips/torso still turning back as Phase 2 happens ?

    When does the front foot turn open ?
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