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    im thinking of getting a new baseball bat. i would either get the easton cnt stiff flex, the cnt reg. flex, the liquidmetal plasma, or the demarini vexxum. i have used all of these but cant decide. so if anyone had any opinons i would appreciate it. thanks.

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    on the bats that flex you have to make sure you dont lock out your arms before you start your swing or the flex has no purpose. Say you lock out the flex effect happens almost when your done with the swing because you have already extended before you even start. On the other hand it serves great purpose if you keep the good L and V arms until you extend towards the pitcher- This gives you the flex
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      i have a plasma and its pretty amazing , i havent felt a better bat , ps that yankees suck
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        My favorite has always been the Omaha bats. They are one piece, and I don't know why, but i always liked them better and got better contact out of them.
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