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Staying loose during three week break

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  • Staying loose during three week break

    It's about the middle of the season right now, and because of the geniuses that made our schedule, we get three weeks off, come back for one more game, then go into the playoffs.

    Well when I start a new season, it always takes me a while to hit again, and it just came back to me very recently. I'm worried that during this three week break that I might lose my hitting again, if I don't work on it somehow. I'm not really very worried about my catching (as in, the position, catcher)

    Are there any tips anybody can be kind enough to give to help me stay loose during the three week break?
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    Hey, YC:

    I think your question answers itself. Get some hitting practice in. And, yeah, I know that the grownups who look at the combination of school spring breaks and Easter think it makes sense to them to schedule the time off, but don't think of the kids' edge.

    To keep your edge, when you hit the cages or arrange batting practice with friends, you might want to find some minor (and I repeat, minor) part of your swing you want to fine tune. Maybe waiting a hair longer then rotating quicker. If you just go out to "hit" without a goal, you'll sometime lose that fire and bad habits slip in.

    Can you or your parents ask the coach to schedule a scrimmage with another team during your practice hours just before the season re-starts? Would seem to make sense.
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