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    Anyone using/used a Shortstroke Trainer?

    If anyone is using one how do you like it? Or is it crap??

    My 10 year old has developed a very top hand dominant (righthanded)swing hooking everything to the left side and hitting on top of the ball. I thought this gizmo might help get him back on track.

    I don't know what caused this top hand dominance all of a sudden but last season he usually hit everything from right center to center field with a nice looking hands inside the ball swing. He is really struggling and getting frustrated.


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    Change your hands set putting the bat more vertical , raise his rear elbow , turn the top hand facing more toward down on the bat . The rear elbow slotting down should torque the bat handle such that the dropping rear elbow sends the barrel back toward the catcher as the bottom hands connects as the shoulder rotation starts.

    That will get the top hand starting correctly...sounds like he is pulling it toward the ball at launch....common mistake and the fix is not intuitive.
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      Uh, and Swingbuster can tell how much change you have in your pocket too.

      With all due respect to him and his clairvoyance, can you post a clip so we don't have to speculate what the problem is? If you're not sure how to do it, PM me or MSandman or any of the regulars, and they'll walk you through it.
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        Personally I'd stay away from that device. If you read through the notes on the site they are encouraging a "barrel up approach", where the end goal is to have the hands and the barrel on level to the ball.

        Now without clips nobody can offer advice, but take a look at the clips on this page and see how many of these hitters approach the ball from this line of thinking. In just about every case the hands are above the barrel with the exceptions being pitches thrown above the waist.


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          Uh, and Swingbuster can tell how much change you have in your pocket too.
          UM..."top hand dominance"??? we have seen how many of those. Top hand swings forward at initiation vs elbow slotting taking the barrel backwards linking the bottom hand. ??? Go to any ball park in America and see 50 out of 52 doing it.

          OBYW..75 cents...check your pocket

          The corollary...we have never seen a kid with a good upper body loading pattern with a bad swing or bad rotation. Jack Mankin said that after viewing 1000s of swings over many many years. So maybe the core and the hips do have a clue when the top is put on right. How can we be winning and I never mention hip turn. The hips will turn to support good upper body action and you have to force them to serve poor upper body action and it really never works right anyway

          Think about this...the upper body must get in position first with a neg hip can you salvage the swing if this is wrong or out of proper position ?? cannot

          .You do not have to be " Carnack the Great" to see what is in that sealed envelop.
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