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New video clip of my swing.

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  • New video clip of my swing.

    Sorry for the angle, my room is a bit crowded now.

    I've widened my stance, don't really stride, more of a foot up and down thing and try to make my torso do all of the work. My rotation seems to be MUCH better and generates a lot more batspeed. I don't think I have any bat drag and my head doesn't move around anymore.

    Don't pay attention to my wiggling before I swing, I had just taken a couple practice swings to loosen up and the wiggling was a by-product of it.

    Thanks for the input.

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    Couldn't upload
    "He who dares to teach, must never cease to learn."
    - John Cotton Dana (1856–1929) - Offered to many by L. Olson - Iowa (Teacher)
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      Originally posted by Jake Patterson
      Couldn't upload
      Ditto, I got some kind of advertising page with a link that I wouldn't open. I just got over a crashed computer.


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        The link that says "download now" is fine. The site has advertisements on the page to pay for bandwidth.


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          I'll give my $.02 - in your stance, maybe start with your toes pointed in (pigeon toed).


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            Originally posted by tadlock11
            I'll give my $.02 - in your stance, maybe start with your toes pointed in (pigeon toed).

            It was taken at a strange feet aren't really pointing out during the stance, I promise


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              the site worked fine for me, unfortunately there's no way to slow it down, it goes quite quickly & even during replay (repeated over & over) it's hard to determine exactly what's going on.

              I would say to keep trying to work on keeping the front foots' toes planted on the groud - only lift the heel of the front foot, and after you swing you're kinda losing you balance (so it appears anyway) try lifting the back heel after your swing. You also wind up in a lunge position with the back knee nearly touching the ground & the front knee locked straight - just be careful not to injure yourself doing this, it looks as if it could be painful.

              Other than that, it looks fine.


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                Originally posted by bbjunkie
                Ditto, I got some kind of advertising page with a link that I wouldn't open. I just got over a crashed computer.
                If you look just under the blue line it says::::::::::::::

                You have the following file available for download:


                (270 KB)

                Download Now <--- <--- CLICK HERE <--- <--- In blue

                Download YSIGet to resume broken downloads


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                  This may help:
                  sigpicIt's not whether you fall -- everyone does -- but how you come out of the fall that counts.


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                    This swing looks as though the pitch would have been slightly above the knees if contact was made. I noticed the front leg really flaring open as if this was a pitch that could have been inside. I see that your head and eyes seem to be focused as if you were approaching this as if it was down the middle. I don't think you would want this type of effect with the front leg. I also see that you fall downward to much finishing your swing. this I don't think is good or natural. I would like to see some clips of you hitting a ball. I think your swing would be more realistic. IMO!



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                      Thanks Ursa.

                      I'm a bit of a novice at analyzing swings, but I can't find much wrong with your swing. Strides aren't necessarily bad things. After working with my son for a bit, even Steve suggested that he continue using a stride as it seemed to work for him.

                      Your pcr all looks good. Maybe a little bit of overbalance at the end, but its not something I would obsess about. How old are you?


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                        Turn your toes in, esp on the back foot, before you start. Can't tell if there is hip slide from this angle. Keep at it. Intense focus will get you there with the right help.


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                          THere are three ways to get closer to ground

                          1. wide stance
                          2. bent knees
                          3. spine angle

                          You might do less of all. Start a little taller and get the bat more vertical and closer to your body like this decent hitter called Ted Williams

                          Rear foot looks like it point backwards a bit that will cause back foot lock out

                          Your tense upper body load could be caused by the high rear elbow in concert with a high lead elbow. Either lower your rear or lower your lead...I would suggest the latter. Your wrist are bound up and your shoulders are too.

                          That creates a tense, difficult load . Lower the lead elbow considerably when going back and you will feel a relief and less of a counter rotation look.

                          The lead leg doesn't give way to a good coil into the rear hip while loading and seems to work against it by lifting ; then opening before you get into you back hip.

                          You don't seem to be able to be generating any ability to pop the bat barrel as evidenced by you apparent focus on turn and pull the bat around your body.

                          You top half does get closed off ( more counter-rotational) but is out of synch with the bottom half. When you get the top half back then the whole turn comes togther. You need a better loading mechanism . I see what your attempting but it isn't there right now. That move is difficult when not naturally generated with upper / lower body synchronization

                          Good comments by Eric..when your too wide..where can you go? When you cannot shift then you will fall back when you rear knee hinges and unfortunately that occurs as the barrel is going through the contact zone.

                          PCR ? not a cure all but what is? ... start with weighless bat, understand the relationship of the relative elbow positioning during loading, get off the back side ...weight transfer, find out what hand torque is and learn to use it. It starts in the preswing.

                          Keep an open mind ..................details are missing and very important ones .

                          Take home point.......attempts to scap load the rear shoulder with a high and internally rotated rear elbow are made more difficult by having a concurrently high lead elbow. That forces more counter rotation and locks up the shoulder flow around the spinal axis.

                          During the load....the most important part of hitting and most coachable....

                          The high lead elbow keeps the bat handle in a plane whereby the rear wrist is in a bind trying to get the rear elbow up and back. This is real easy to feel if you just read it and try it. Coaches that correctly I.D. the wrist bind tend to lower the rear elbow rather than the lead as doing that sends the bat out of plane and they fear that for some reason. When they lower the rear instead they make the batter weaker on down pitches and reduce the power of the hitter as well IMHO
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                            Originally posted by Ursa Major
                            This may help:
                            Several observations:
                            1. Back foot seems to be opened. Not sure why.
                            2. Too much movement for me. Your seperation should be smaller and not cause your upper body to move so much.
                            3. You seemed to be too croached down -check out your lines compared against Bonds. If you look at the picture of Caitlin posted in another thread she's even straighter.
                            MrUniverse with lines.GIF Bond with lines.GIF
                            4. Too much movement with the head.
                            5. Compare your shoulders (deflection and position) against Bonds.
                            "He who dares to teach, must never cease to learn."
                            - John Cotton Dana (1856–1929) - Offered to many by L. Olson - Iowa (Teacher)
                            Please read Baseball Fever Policy and Forum FAQ before posting.


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                              Some of the suggestions in this thread emphasize form over function. You take help from everyone and just go do it, you end up with too many cooks and the resulting stew tastes like mud. Think carefully and get confirmation from a lot of people before you make any change. And get Steve's dvd's.


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