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    I am looking for some opinions about paul reddick

    Here is some background. After 11 years of coaching LL and various levels, a group of 4 coaches are switching to a connie mack (mostly 15+16 year olds) team. We are actually starting this team from scratch.

    I believe we will be Ok from a coaching aspect with hitting and defense. Not claiming to be great, always trying to get better and learn more. I am NOT saying we will be a offensive powerhouse so please don't misunderstand me.

    What we are most worried about is pitching and teaching pitching. Honestly our avail pitching is poor. I have a few kids who can throw but no "pitchers".

    So to try and make a long story short we are looking at ways of developing a pitching staff and not for one year or 2. No we are all about 40 years old, none of us will have a boy on the team. We as coaches are in it for the long haul. So we are looking at different established pitching programs out there in order to see which program we would like to adopt.

    Our LL allstar season is now over (too soon I might add :dismay: ) and now it is time to start working towards next year connie mack. We have a fall program that starts on the 1st of august. That season will last until the end of oct. We will prob bring 2 teams into that, roughly 25 kids and pretty much that will be a tryout for next years connie team.

    After that ends we will have some kind of off season training for the players who we like and are avail. That will run until about the end of march. That would leave us another 6 weeks of field prep time before we start games.

    any thoughts are appreciated.

    thank you

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    check out Ron Wolforths stuff.


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      this guy does support wolforths stuff. So far he seems to take pieces of marshall jager wolforth. When I googled him it appears he is a scout for Pittsburgh.

      I sent for a free trial of his stuff. I will look for a month. Show it to the other coaches and then decide. I have no problem returning things if it is not what we are looking for.

      What I am not looking for are short cuts. I want to sustain quality pitching and am looking for a program to help us get there.


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        Right off the bat, I’m guessing there’s one heck of a lot of folks looking at this thread who are laughing their butts off. Not because its funny, but because there are a heap of folks who believe that its impossible to take 15&16YO pitchers who literally suck, and turn them into pitchers who can not only be successful at the level you’re at, but maybe move on to higher levels. My personal feeling is, what you’re attempting to do isn’t nearly as impossible or difficult as folks might believe.

        But I’m not so sure using an “off the shelf” program is gonna work as well as what you hope. What I’ve seen happen many times over the years with recognized “programs”, even those espoused by “gurus”, is that they tend to produce cookie cutter results, never really allowing a wide variety of styles to enjoy maximum success.

        I think that before you lock yourself into something, you should look around your area to see if there’s anyone local who has a great reputation, and might be willing to act as an unpaid advisor/coach. We have a very good fellow here who will donate some time to programs such as you’re describing, because its free marketing for him as there will always be a few kids who want more of his time than he can give in a team setting.

        You do whatever you like, but I’ll tell ya, watching a vid or reading a book is nothing like being able to get feedback from a real person standing right there watching.

        Good Luck!
        The pitcher who’s afraid to throw strikes, will soon be standing in the shower with the hitter who's afraid to swing.


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          if they are laughing, oh well, I am a big boy I can handle it. It is easy to be that way behind a keyboard.

          Maybe I didn't really make myself clear on some things. I am not thinking I am going to suddenly turn out players who will be drafted or scouted. Hell most of these kids will not play beyond HS. More than half the team (and half is prob being to generous) will not even play HS ball.

          I listed the 90 MPH club name only because that is the name. I am not thinking ANYONE of these young men, either this year or future players will throw 90 or even 80. I am thinking 70 would be very good for this level.

          What I want is a program that will help me get to the point where I want.

          I want kids to be able to throw between 60-70 consistently without hurting their arms.

          I want guys to be able to throw a 2 seam 4 seam fastball for strikes,

          I want everyone to learn a change, a change with good movement.

          I want guys to be able to miss bats but if we had some guys who basically pitch to contact I will be fine.

          I am not building pro's. If there are kids who are "studs" they are not playing in this league. There are other higher level leagues for them.

          Another thing, 95% of the kids in this league (by the way the league has 26 teams in it) Do not have personal trainers and swing or pitch coaches.

          I am not saying they suck. These are young men who want to play ball. Some play HS Some may even go on to play some div 2 or 3 college but some don't. Some get caught up in a numbers game at HS.

          Our HS has about 1200 boys. There is a JV and a Varsity team, about 18 kids per team. Thats pretty freaking hard to make those teams.

          Should those who don't make it just stop playing? Hell no and that is what most of this league is about.

          I am sorry if anyone here (and not saying you scorekeeper) thinks that this level of talent sucks and is not worth the time. Oh well honestly screw you,

          we will keep coaching and playing competitive ball. All I was/am looking for is a way to build those kind of pitchers.

          This is not rocket science to bring them to that level. We will do it, thru trial and error I am sure but we will get it done.

          We will have fun, if baseball were not fun we would not do it

          but we are not going out there just for that. This is a competitve game and we will do what we can to win.

          Once last thing, out of the 26 teams there are about 10 coached by "daddy". In general the coaches are groups of men who like my group love the game, enjoy teaching the game and love the competition.

          ok I will climb off my soap box now.
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            Well fgold68, I obviously offended you, but I assure you that was not my intention, and apologize. Buy a dozen guru programs if you want, and for sure don’t even consider using anyone local.

            I know at least some of those kids have the capacity to play college ball, and I’m just as sure you’re the guy to make it happen.

            Good luck.
            The pitcher who’s afraid to throw strikes, will soon be standing in the shower with the hitter who's afraid to swing.


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              no YOU didn't offend me, the idea that people would be laughing that thought offends me. You made it a point to say how you personally didn't think it is as difficult as some might think. So how would YOU offend me and why would you need to apologize?

              Although now it appears to me that I offended you. How?

              Now I am annoyed not offended just so everyone is clear.

              I sit back and read a lot of stuff on this site and there are some good info and seemingly very good people but damn there seems to be a lot of petty little snipping back and forth also. That is why I rarely post.

              Once again, I am not looking for a GURU,

              I am not going to buy a dozen guru plans as you suggest I might want to do

              As for a local instructor

              I really don't believe it is in mine or my teams best interest to hire a local instructor. For one, on a simple internet search there are very few in this area (some but not many) and the prices are fairly steep.

              If the players parents had the extra money they prob would have done it already. For some people (esp this year) money really does matter. I know it does for me

              and if I knew a local guy who would help at a much discounted price or for free in his spare time then i would not be posting here would I?

              I am not sure what makes this so difficult to understand?

              I am looking for a program that can help me and my fellow coaches be able to teach pitching mechanics a little better. To increase our understanding and ability to see a possible problem and give us a better understanding of how to fix it.

              maybe you think that anyone who comes here should aspire to play college or beyond but there is a place for middle group.

              Come on, how many people go to college and how many get to play? Even division 3, there are a few thousand students and how many players?

              As for the players, I really some or all can play HS or college. We will work with them as much as our professional and personal lives allow. Me, I can give 4 days a week to this For 2 to 3 hours a day. Am I going to make them college players? Prob not but what we want to be able to do is give everyone a good foundation (or atleast a better one) than they had before.

              Not everyone has to be a college player, hell not everyone has to go to college. If it clicks for someone and they really start to take off. NOBODY will work harder for them than the 4 of us.

              We will help him or find help for him but like someone else on this site likes to say. Why would your goal be to be a college or pro player when you are not even playing HS ball?

              To add to that, How can you want to play HS ball if you don't first work on getting the proper the foundation and fundamentals

              In our area for ages 17 and up to the end of HS there really is only senior legion and there are two SL teams in the same area that there are 3 connie mack teams. On top of that they have thier own junior legion teams.

              So beyond 16 in my area the kids either play HS and if you have not made the team by age 16 you prob are not, they already have their guys that they are working with. OR the senior legion team and most of the HS players play on that team and they of course have the junior legion team feeding them. You might be looking at 2 or 3 real openings every year.

              For a lot of these boys this is it. play thru age 16 and that is it. And you know what? There is nothing wrong with that.

              Once again, I am not offended right now I am really freaking annoyed at the perceived elitism or the notion that what we are trying to do is somehow wrong or laughable or not worth someones time.

              We will do our homework and get this done and have a blast competing in the game of baseball.

              Have a good freaking day
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                Coach my advise to you would be to do the same thing I did with hitting when my boy unfortunately (for me) took a great interest in baseball instead of football and something I am currently doing for pitching. LEARN ALL YOU CAN. Like SK I don't believe in cookie cutter approaches either. Who knows your kids best some guy 1,000 mile away trying to sell a DVD or you. Learn as much as you can from as many sources as you can. Something from guru 1 might help pitcher A while something from guru 2 might help pitcher B.

                Since you and your fellow coaches seem to have the dedication requirement to do this. Instead of relying on some other expert to give you a training regiment, become the expert yourself and that way you can tailor your training to the individual need of your particular kids.
                Bad Habits: If you aren't correcting them your coaching them.


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                  I can’t control how you feel, and at this point frankly don’t care. All I did was state what I’m pretty sure are a few things that are true. There are a lot of people who’ll think that you’re nuts for wasting time on kids that age who can’t even make a HS team. I don’t happen to be one of them, and am constantly at odds with those who are.

                  Maybe you should reread my original suggestion about someone local!

                  I think that before you lock yourself into something, you should look around your area to see if there’s anyone local who has a great reputation, and might be willing to act as an unpaid advisor/coach. We have a very good fellow here who will donate some time to programs such as you’re describing, because its free marketing for him as there will always be a few kids who want more of his time than he can give in a team setting.
                  Don’t use the freakin’ WWW to find a local instructor! Use the baseball network of talking to people! If as you imply, the players who have made the HS team are superior, talk to them, their parents, the coaches, and ask who they used.

                  Its not difficult at all for me to understand. You’re frustrated and don’t know which way to go. You can find a million free things on the WWW that will help you and your coaches teach pitching mechanics better. Heck, go to Chris O’leary’s web site, and talk to him. He’s just as good if not better than any program you’ll find out there.

                  I don’t care who comes here or what they’re looking for. If I think they’re wrong about something I’ll tell them, and if I think I can help them I try. I think you’re being way too defensive.
                  The pitcher who’s afraid to throw strikes, will soon be standing in the shower with the hitter who's afraid to swing.


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