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    If he doesn't fix his back leg, it won't make any difference what he does with his front leg. His head will still be over the back foot.
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      Originally posted by songtitle View Post
      If he doesn't fix his back leg, it won't make any difference what he does with his front leg. His head will still be over the back foot.
      Yes we're in agreement that his lower half in ineffective, and out of sync...but we're going about just expressing it differently.

      I agree 100% that he needs to fix his back leg. I was just trying to let him know that what he thought he was feeling wrt the lead leg was correct, that it is his use of "his lead leg/base in general and he thinks something is throwing him out of sync"....that is definitely "throwing him out of sync, because he uses it to create his movement/momentum to the ball, where he should instead be using his rear leg to accomplish that.

      As far as his head goes (ya might as well throw in his elbow down at toe touch also while you're at it), that's just another "symptom/effect" of his improper loading/coiling process, and not a "cause" of anything. His loading/coiling process is simply "all back, all forward", which problematically takes his weight over his back foot, not just his head.

      Once he learns to load/coil "into" the rear leg ("around" is also a good cue), and not "onto" it, his weight (and head) will be maintained properly, in a position to work/drive out of the rear leg, instead of simply being pulled off of it by his lead leg as is being done now.
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        Thanks for the is it essentially that he's opening up too early with his lead leg and not allowing his hips to do that...while also keeping his weight and head on his back leg too much? Or am I misinterpreting what you guys are saying. Also, i don't know if this could have any bearing on the leg issue but he is actually a natural righty (still throws and does everything else righty) and switched at a young age to batting left-handed. He used to switch hit for years pretty successfully before staying left-handed full time since high school (he has expressed interest recently in taking up switch hitting again). Could the fact that his right leg is probably a little stronger impact his ability to push off and stay balanced? Are there any videos or pictures I can show him side by side with his swing to help him see what he should be doing? I just want to make sure I can easily explain and relay any information to him accurately and most importantly, specific steps he can take to try and fix these issues.
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          Send him to my site: There are lots of photos and videos for comparison.



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