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Long Toss and Resistance Ball Question

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  • Long Toss and Resistance Ball Question

    My son, who's nine, has been working on his arm strength over the winter, and I would like him to continue doing so during the season. I was thinking that he could do so by incoporating both long toss and resistance ball training into his routine. However, I have some questions about each.

    Is Long Toss beneficial to a nine year-old? If so, how many times a week should he do long toss? I sometimes see the program described with and without a pull-down phase. The pull-down phase seems like it is integral to building arm speed and strength, so the fact that I don't see it always called out specifically in descriptions confuses me. Is the pull-down phase age-appropriate for a nine year-old?

    For resistance ball training, we have the following Rawlings product: Many of the same questions above apply here as well. Assuming it is age-appropriate, how many times a week should it be done and should it be used in conjuction with long toss? If so, should it be before or after?


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