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    My 11 year old son is having trouble with his swing timing with his swing and needs a few drills to help. What is the toe touch drill or any other one to help with swing.

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    Without seeing any video, I would say that most 11 yo usually wait too long before they begin their stride. They wait until they think it's a strike, then they start moving. By then it's too late.

    Make sure he moves on every pitch. You can throw/not throw in the cage to test him. - hitting and pitching fact checker


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      My son had the same problem so we tried a high leg lift as his timing/trigger and it has worked out great...took a day or two to learn how to only move the leg vs his whole body, but it has worked extremely well. This also helped with implementing his load into the swing...

      He is 11 as well.


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        I think you need a little more detail on what is wrong with timing. Is he early? Late? Or real late? In my experience with my sons team of 11yr olds they are all early swingers. Good for a decent speed. Unable to time slower or faster. Slow they turn hips and most of shoulder before ball arrives (the dreaded lunge swing). Faster pitchers they try and swing faster and pull out with all they have. Head gets yanked and they still will tell you he's too fast to hit. When I show them the video that their bat beat the ball to the plate they are amazed. For my son, slow I teach him to lower his hands and make load last longer. Faster I tell him to time his step that when his heel is down the ball is just before where he wants to hit it. So the swing remains the same speed but the start (heel touch) changes for pitcher to pitcher.


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