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    deleted it.
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    Some ideas to try, and watch some slow motion video of you side by side with pros

    Lots to like young man ... many on here with a better eye than I ... here's where I would go.

    1. Looks like your load/move back/negative move the hips simply slide, don't see any hip "cock", but black clothes may be obscuring that. Also seems your hips are open prior to heel down. This is bleeding elastic energy/force in your launch/go, and the hips end up not so much leading the rest, but launching at the same time (not stretching/launching while torso and upper body resists). Read threads on hip cock, and hips leading, and hips turning against a resisting torso, shoulders, arms. Learn this, then learn how to explode more violently with the hips, you can always bring it back if you feel you're over swinging.

    2. You might benefit with playing with tipping/stacking the bat a bit, will put the bat in slightly more upright stack at launch, will give some more "elastic" energy and running start. See threads on tipping, and running start.

    3. Front elbow dives/goes low/horizontal just a bit, watch other hitters level it/draw it across at higher level, slightly more than you do so it is going up and around slightly more out front than you do. Check your lead arm is 90 degree angle from your torso/upper body tilt (if you had no tilt, upper body would be straight up, and lead arm would be perfectly level, straight out, slowly add tilt, without changing relationship of lead arm, shoulder, and upper body (not saying to arm bar, just using straight lead arm in mirror to see it's 90 degrees from upper body tilt). If you aren't tilting much, causes this sometimes as the hands have to go down, instead of simply following your tilt around, which will take hands from up, to down, to up and around in arc/ellipse.

    4. Slow motion on tee shows you hitting off end of bat, setting up for that for some reason?


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