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  • Pesky Pop Up

    anyone else seeing this when moving from page to page?

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    No... you may have a malware infection.?


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      you never know. but it only happens on this site and is now gone.


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        Originally posted by va4man View Post
        anyone else seeing this when moving from page to page?

        I don't think it's us.
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          A while ago, my kids installed "Mighty Magoo" on our computer...

          Mighty Magoo is a game site that is supported by adware. You can play free games on their site, but you will get textlinks and random popups in your browsing. It was extremely annoying, but the good news is they are a legitimate site and did allow you to uninstall the adware without much hassle.

          So you might have something like that... or something a lot scarier.


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            Don't know what browser you use, but I stopped using IE and started using Firefox years ago......not a single regret ever since.

            Besides being faster, and more secure IMO, they also offer a wide range of "add-ons", that are basically the same as the "apps" that you can get for a smartphone or Apple computer. Most are free, while some you must pay for, depending on the developers, and the complexity of the program.

            Anyway, to get back to the point......There is an "add-on" that I attached to Firefox about a year or so ago, when I started experiencing the same pop-up nonsense all of a sudden as you have. I'm the only one that uses my computer, so I knew there were not new programs or sites loaded to my computer, but I got the random annoying pop-ups at a couple sites anyway, and many had those dang banner ads embedded in them (yep, BBF has the embedded ads that I no longer have to look at), that are now just blank/open background space on the page.

            After installing "Adblock Plus", I've not had a single pop-up, adware, banner ad, or any other browser/site problem or annoyance with my computer. Nothing appears to have changed browser or speed wise, I just don't have all annoying stuff the you typically get at many public/commercial sites.

            Watch the video in the link I provided above, I think you'll like it (in the video, it appears to be available as an "add-on" for Internet Explorer, so you don't have to change browser if you don't what to), but if not, they show you in the video how to uninstall it, so you really have nothing to lose.

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              I was prepared to explain how to stay behind wind blown popups.


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                the worst trojan happened to a girlfriend of mine some time ago. it is called the "federal police trojan" (in our language). it blocks the total computer using the police logo and says "child pornography and terroristic stuff has been found on your computer thus your computer was blocked. to unblock it and avoid getting sued send us 100 dollars". then there is some paypal field or something to pay.

                if you have such a think you need to reset your computer completely (everything down and fresh installed) or better have it cleaned by an expert. otherwise you might think it is clean but the virus is still somewhere there and can come back and damage more as well as infect other computers over the internet.
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