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Anything wrong with my mechanics?

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  • Anything wrong with my mechanics?

    I have been trying to perfect my swing over the years as you will tell through all my YouTube videos.

    One thing I have been working on recently is trying to stay back while loading. But other than that, do you guys see anything else that can be fixed? Thanks!

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    You sway back while you load and then sway forward during the swing. Some weight shift is OK but you want more hip rotation rather than hip slide.

    also your swing plane is not good. you swing down quite a lot. try to be more level with the pitch.
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      +1 what dominik stated except swing level with the travel of the ball which will mean you will have a slight uppercut.


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        It's not good. Try an instructor, or a hitting program/DVD. - hitting and pitching fact checker


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          I agree with songtitle to a point. I would buy two books; The Science of Hitting by Ted Williams and Lau's Laws on Hitting by Charlie Lau.

          Read both books thoroughly. Also watch MLB hitter swing analysis on youtube.

          Your swing isn't that far off the proper technique. Once your front foot lands you should be in rotation hitting and not moving forward.

          But whatever you do don't throw your money away on a hitting instructor. If you want to throw your money away I will send you may address and just write me a check. :cap:


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            Thanks for all the replies! I went out yesterday to work on my swing. Any improvements?

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