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Hitting foam pad vs ball off tee, contact position is very different

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    Originally posted by pthawaii View Post
    From my experience here on the forum, SC is a pretty smart guy, so I'm guessing you guys are talking about two different things. After reading these posts, I think I understand what mellow is talking about. Last year, I started talking about tilt so his bat wasn't always parallel to the ground, but he ended up popping the ball up a lot. So I just stopped that and he went back to his old swing, bat more parallel to the ground. Here is a vid of him hitting a low pitch.

    He doesn't crouch down but he does extend his arms and drop his hand quite a bit. Even if the pitch isn't low, he tends to drop his hand and then let the bat be parallel to the ground (vs keep the hands high and allow the barrel of the bat to drop below the height of his hands). In fact, often after contact the barrel can be seen above his hands (esp if he gets on top of the ball). It's funny because I've only really been tinkering with bat path and no swinging down on the ball, but everything is so connected, you end up thinking about all these other things that can lead to bad bat path.

    I've come to the conclusion that maybe a lot of the things we want to "fix" aren't really meant to be fixed until the kids get older and stronger. At least that's what I tell myself
    You've made the right observation on your son's swing. He doesn't collapse his knees like some other kids do but instead he drops his hands to get the bat parallel with the ground. He still hit this pitch but I would be curious to see how he would handle a pitch at his knees. Also the pitch didn't seem that fast, you can get away with certain things when pitching is slower. What's interesting is that he starts off right with the angle of the bat, in other words when he strides the bat is vertical with a slight tilt as appossed to flat. But for some reason mid way through his swing he decides to go more parrallel instead of staying on the same plane he was on. I think he's just so used to doing it that way that's it's become really comfortable for him. It's going to be really tough at higher levels with faster pitching to get away with that though. Have him look at really good right hand low ball hitters like Manny Ramirez to see how they approach the ball low.


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      He looks like a good player. I'd try to get a little less head tilt at contact though.


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        "From my experience here on the forum, SC is a pretty smart guy, so I'm guessing you guys are talking about two different things"

        PT... You are correct. When I say the only way to hit a low ball is to get the bat flat early is the opposite of driving the knob toward the ball. Getting the bat flat early simply means to turn the barrel rearward and tilt the shoulders to get the bat on plane early. Getting the bat flat late will never get it on plane to drive a low pitch in the air.



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