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Any experience out there with fielding face masks?

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  • Any experience out there with fielding face masks?

    When throwing front toss for a teammate on Monday, my 13U son had a ball come back and go right through the L-screen net. It hit him right on the nose, and caused a depression fracture along the bridge, and whacked the septum far enough over to block 95% of one nostril. He going to get everything shoved back into place Monday morning and be in a splint for a week after that.

    Once the splint comes off he would like to get back on the field, but the Doc is a bit leery. (As is Mom of course). While he hasn't been playing much IF this season, he is one of the team's main starting pitchers. When not pitching he is generally in CF, and occasionally behind the plate if the regular catcher is out.

    I would say his face is safe behind the plate and in the OF, but in order to keep everyone happy (well, his mother and the doctor actually) I'm looking into getting him a face mask to wear while on the mound.

    Anyone have a suggestion as to what I should be looking for? (No, new wife and doctor are not options)

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    If he can throw heat, this is it: - hitting and pitching fact checker


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      Check out softball face masks. Some third basemen wear masks in competitive girls softball. Since the makeup of a softball is different find out what velocity the mask will endure.


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        The popular design looks to be fairly standardized.


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          I'm wondering if wearing a facemask while pitching would be illegal?

          You do bring up a great point about the dangers of front toss behind an L-screen. That is to inspect the screen and possible wear a catchers helmet while soft tossing? :cap:


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            Here's what I would recommend. I have one of them and a softball infielder's mask in my storage room at the clinic..
            Mike Hopper
            Former Gateway Grizzlies Intern


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