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Youth (8yo) Knee Savers

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  • Youth (8yo) Knee Savers

    We have the Rawlings Knee savers where the shin guard straps get pulled through the knee saver loops; as the straps get pulled through then of course they connect to the guard.

    But as soon as the strap is unhooked it recoils back through the knee saver loops and you have to rethread it again...which takes time between innings.

    Just didn't know if there some tricks of the trade... cause they didn't have knee savers when I played.
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    I used zip ties on the straps to keep them reasonably secure when my son was that age. They were a PITA so at the end of the season I took them off and he has not used them since, now 12u.
    Depending on the shin straps on the Samuri's they have plastic connectors now and they should stay in place if one uses them.


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      We're using these and haven't had a problem:

      The straps stay nice and tight through them.


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