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Hitter's pitch ID drill

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  • Hitter's pitch ID drill

    What do you think of it?

    We could use some help with getting fooled by offspeed/ getting burned with a fastball... (11-12 year olds)

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    not a bad thing although in a team practice you might want to use the time a little better. but if you have the time any vision training is great. practice picking up the ball out of the hand and tracking it closely so that you can see the spin as often as possible.

    personally I use playing catch as a ball tracking exercise. I concentrate on the area of the pitchers throwing shoulder and try to pick up the spin of the ball immediately out of the hand (this is not possible of course but I try to pick the ball up before it travelled more than 5 feet or so so the idea is to pick it up immediately even if seeing it out of the han is not possible).

    a lot of players do not put enough effort in tracking. tracking the ball is hard work those eye muscles are taxed there to follow the ball and accomodate to the closing distance. actually my eyes feel a little tired after ten minutes of intensive ball tracking. a lot of swings and misses because the hitter doesn't put enough effort in tracking the ball. lazy eyes often mean a lazy swing.
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