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Son's swing, 5 mos update

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  • Son's swing, 5 mos update

    5 months to the day, I posted his swing and then started a gentle, slow journey to decrease his swinging down through the ball. Last post was 3 mos ago off a tee. This one was in game, so you see more old habits creep in. All in all, at least the bat barrel appears to not be going down after contact. Oddly, the latest thing we've been talking about is how to set up in the batter's box (sounds a lot easier than it is, at least for us).

    Anyways, just wanted to share, since it was a lot of the coaches on this site that helped him with decreasing his swing down through the ball. I'm thinking partly connected to this is keeping his hands a bit higher (and not go down so much) and head more still. That might be our next tinker/journey. If I get stuck (and I will), I'll be posting for advice

    Never played baseball, just a dad of someone that loves to play. So take any advice I post with a grain of salt.

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