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    Originally posted by tradosaurus View Post
    If I had to do it all over again I would have started my 9y.o. team first practice with learning how to be hit with a pitch by throwing tennis balls at them.

    Why wait until it happens in a game?
    Teaching young hitters how to turn away from a pitch is important. Otherwise they could get hit in the face.


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      Teach him the proper way to get hit, then tell him it's simply a part of baseball he has to accept. If he is scared at the plate, how can he be having fun? Until he accepts he will get hit, he will never have fun again. When my son 1st started playing I told him he will get hit. When he does he needs to get up and walk to 1st. No drama, no crying because it's not a big deal. And that was that. The main thing is I didn't make a big deal out of it and I wouldn't enable him acting like he was shot when he just got hit by a baseball.
      Last year my 10 year old broke his nose when the ball bounced off the batters helmet (he was covering 2nd) No screaming or crying. To the hospital to get a mask for the next game. It's all part of the game.

      It's baseball, kids have to understand it is a very dangerous game. If that occupies their mind though then they won't have fun. This is me and only me, but I would not let him bat if he is batting scared. We would go to the cages until he remembered how to bat.


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        Originally posted by tg643 View Post
        Soccer is the answer. Kids who don't get over getting hit by pitches switch to spring soccer.
        or this idea


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