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  • catcher's mitt question

    My son is interested in pitching and this year is throwing too hard for my hand to take inside my 40 year old outfielder's glove (he's 10 but can throw with some decent pop). Been on the lookout for a quality catcher's mitt that would fit my large hand.

    Rawlings Heart of the Hide has been one of the candidates on my list. Just saw where they have the "Buster Posey" ProStock 34" model on sale for $139. Seems like a screaming deal. Anybody have experience with this mitt?

    Got a birthday coming up later this week...hmmm.

    Any feedback appreciated. I'm a big fan of Rawlings and am 90% sure this mitt would be a great lifetime purchase. Who knows, maybe my kids could use it in high school if they're foolish enough to become catchers!
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    I went ahead and ordered the mitt (hard to resist at 40% discount), it arrived today. Never owned a catcher's mitt before so it's all new to me, but it looks like a serious piece of equipment--thick, heavy-duty leather and solid construction, but surprisingly light. It will take quite a few throws to break it in, but with my large meathook in there I'm able to squeeze it shut on a ball right out of the box. Fits an extra large hand like mine perfectly. Surprised there isn't more padding in the palm area, but there are several layers of thick, stiff leather between you and that fastball slamming in there. Any of you catchers out there wear a batting glove or something on the glove hand?

    Can't wait to try it out...haven't had a new glove since I was 13! My hand will thank me, the side of my index finger was numb for 2 days after catching my son and some of the other pitchers on his team last week.


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