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Resurrecting old metrics

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  • Resurrecting old metrics

    Finally having my program to the point where I don’t need to spend a lot of time stomping out bugs, I resurrected a few old metrics from years past. I used to keep track of what bases runners were on when batters came to the plate, but after just a partial season it got to the point where I was spending too much time on that one thing, so I stopped doing it.

    Now that it takes only the time to program the computer to track those things, I’ve blown the dust off those old reports and started running them again. I don’t have the historical depth I do on other data, but at least it’s a start.

    If you look, you’ll be able to pretty easily see the players you can pretty much count on when they get an RBI opportunity by looking at the 1st page. But things change just a bit when you look to see who moves runs best, as can be seen on the 2nd page.

    But what I find most interesting, is on the 3rd page. As you can see, the 2nd and 6th batting positions on our team are far and above the best for moving runners, but look closely at the Opportunities per RBI for those 2 positions. While they both move runners exceedingly well, the 2nd position has the least number of opportunities per RBI than any other position, and the 6th position the 2nd highest.

    Go figure!
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