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    Well, I had my RANT yesterday, but today was a surprisingly good day. My Juniors team was scheduled for a game with a not so neighboring Little League. We don't have alot of teams in our respective leagues so we play the leagues near by to get enough games in.

    For this one, we had to travel about 20 miles out and the game started at 5:30pm so some kids were running late and others needed rides by me or other parents who could get off work early.

    We get to the game and they only have 7 kids show up on the other side. 5:30 rolls around and the coach informs me that he tried with all his might to get some kids to show but couldn't make it happen. He felt bad, and I didn't blame him at all - it happens. He offered us his field for practice so that we didn't waste the trip. We accepted and offered his players that showed to play with us. Four accepted.

    We ended up having an 8vs8 scrimmage game with me as perma-pitcher. I let the kids play where they wanted as long as they played once in their normal spot. The other players were welcomed with open arms and even started calling me coach and joking around with all of us. Some of the younger siblings got to get a couple of at-bats too.

    It was a good little pickup game for 90 minutes, then we all went home.

    Just thought I'd share a positive side after my negativity from yesterday.

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    That's what I love about a lot of the kids and coaches in our league, pure love for the game. The day after our rec league draft a few weeks ago, we were planning to get a few of the likely pitchers and catchers together on a Sunday afternoon to work on fundamentals. However, something came up for all the other kids and my son and I were the only ones who showed up from our team. One of the other teams (about half of it) was there practicing and invited my son to practice with them. My son played with them for a couple hours and had a blast because he was already friends with most of them and had been coached by that coach in all-stars 2 years before. I know my son would have had just as much fun even if he did not know any of the other kids.


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