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Incident at the rec game last night...

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  • Incident at the rec game last night...

    My son is in an independent rec league at the 9u age level. They had a few players leave after the 8u season, so they picked up some kids via the "draft". It's not really a draft; kids who aren't on a team are randomly assigned to teams with vacancies.

    My son's team has been having weekly batting practice at a local indoor cage since February or March. Most of the kids have shown good progress, but one of the kids just didn't seem able to hit the it. Swing and miss, swing and miss. Looks to me like he's always swinging under the ball. Other than that, the swing looked pretty nice...

    In the first couple of games, this kid had no success at the plate. Maybe a walk or two and a few strikeouts. So when he came to the plate with a couple guys on, I wasn't expecting much. Maybe he can pick up a walk and keep the rally going, I was thinking. Instead, he managed to connect on a pitch low in the zone and whacked a hard line drive over the first base line, a few feet into fair territory, landing with a "clang" on the metal siding of a building located beyond the outfield wall.

    First over-the-fence home run I have witnessed in my son's game... and from the most unlikely player. It was such a heartwarming incident; you had to feel good for the kid, grinning as he circled the bases, and getting mobbed by his teammates afterward. I felt like I was in a TV special, lol!

    I am sure he'll have more confidence at the plate in the future... I just hope he doesn't try to hit one out every time now...

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    I've never heard of that happening before. Nice story. - hitting and pitching fact checker


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      For what it's worth, we had another similar incident last night. Bottom guy in the batting order hit a big fly ball that cleared the LF fence with the bases loaded. It was nuts!

      But this was less unexpected; the kid that hit the grand slam last night is a pretty good player who has been struggling at the plate a bit, mostly with mental approach and striking out.


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