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Tips, drills, swing thoughts on reducing arm swing

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  • Tips, drills, swing thoughts on reducing arm swing

    My 10u son has really been handsy and using his arms to swing this year, of course not yielding great results. Looking for some drills and/ or tips to trigger the core.


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    there is really only one trigger for the lower body:

    Start the coil with the lower body. the hips already have to lead the coil and then reverse without a pause. Coil the hips as you stride not before. otherwise you will never get your hips to lead. oif the hips coil during the stride they will lead in the forward swing most of the time.

    ted williams:
    "The hips and hands cock as you move your lead foot to stride, the front knee turning in to help the hips rotate back. You are
    cocking your hips as you stride, and it’s so important to get that right. "
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