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  • Some advice on videos and books

    Hello All, I apologize in advance if this a rather redundant post to some.

    I'm really struggling at the plate I feel. I'm not striking out alot, but I am just not making sound contact and I cannot find a feel at the plate whether it's a timing issue or a mechanics issue.

    Just some background. I'm not looking to have a perfect swing, it's a little late for me to get that serious as I am 39 years old and I am playing in a couple of leagues. I didn't play ball in HS or college, but I always stayed active swinging whether it be from playing in softball leagues or just going to cages for fun. But, I am kind of hard on myself and feel I can get better if I know how to drill properly.....problem is there is no batting cages around my area and our teams do not get together for BP so you go all week without seeing any pitching. This is bad for someone like me due to the fact alot of these guys played in HS and college and they have a tuned swing from all the repetitions and training they got back in their younger days.

    I read quite a bit on this site about where the swing starts etc and it seems like you guys offer great advice, but it's tough to pick the nuggets out and work on them if you really don't know what is going on with your swing. Here are some issues I feel are a problem and maybe someone could list some drills that I can do in my basement for this.....

    I have a machine that pitches those little wiffle balls and tee in the basement but I don't want to go down there and just start swinging with no idea of what I should be working on.

    Here are some of the problems I feel I have.......

    My hands move away from my body creating a lonnnnnnnnnnnng swing. I believe you guys call this casting???? The result I am getting jammed or just not hitting the ball on the solid part of the bat. Now I think the fence drill would fix I right? If not, are there other drills to aid me in correcting this problem? Problem is without seeing live-pitching I'm afraid when the game situation comes I will resort back to my old habits.

    I've been told that it looks like I'm overswinging and by doing so my head is coming off the ball. I don't feel like I'm trying to overswing, but my mentality is to swing hard and let it rip. Any ways to kind of remedy the situation of pulling off the ball? I've heard a billion times to keep my front-side in, but again, if I could do a drill to help engrain some muscle memory it would be great.

    Issues with finding a trigger or timing mechanism. I want to do the same on every pitch so I don't have to think about it at the plate. For example, I was at the plate last night, and the pitcher was not very good and I kept telling myself to stay back, stay back, stay back, but it would be helpful if I had a timing mechanism for the when do I shift my weight back to coil or do the stride/toe-tap or whatever it is that initiates the act of swinging....etc.

    Are their some tools such as videos or a book that helps with this type of stuff that someone could suggest?

    If I ever get some video I will post because that is the best way to decipher what the problems are.

    Any advice would be great.

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    Some of these 'cues' you mentioned are like most - not helpful. And they may not even apply to your swing since many people just throw out cues that have nothing to do with your swing.

    keep my front-side in
    You can focus on the front shoulder all day, but driving your back shoulder down might be easier.

    stay back
    What exactly is supposed to 'stay back'? We have had a few threads on this controversial topic.

    when do I shift my weight back to coil
    This one is backwards, like most. IMO, you 'coil' as you stride forward. (Again, we just had a long thread on this)


    Video is best. Then we can all chime in. - hitting and pitching fact checker


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      When should one start the stride? Or is this a personal preference?


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        0.400 sec pitch, and 0.180 to 0.200 sec swing from toe touch to contact. So, your front toe must be down when the ball is roughly halfway.

        Based on video, it seems most MLB hitters begin their stride when the pitcher drops his hand, or when he lets go. (Maybe someone can remember where the GIF is that shows a couple of these at once.) - hitting and pitching fact checker


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          I will work on driving my back shoulder down and getting that toe touch down. Any little things helps.... I appreicate it.


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