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  • Trying out in 2013

    Hey baseball people! I am going to be trying out for some MLB organizations next year at the ripe age of 25. I know its a bit old, but to honest, I don't care. This isnt one of those posts where I want everyone to feel sorry for me because I screwed up past opportunities. I am writing this post to get a bit of help.

    I was wondering if anyone had any drills or workout programs they could give me.

    I am an OF. I made the mistake of not going to any MLSB Camps 2 years ago. But I hit with my trainer weekly and throw. My 60 times in College was 6.6-6.7. I am not much of a power guy at 5' 10'' and 175 pounds.

    Anything you all have that you feel may help will be much appreciated!

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    I've got several players at your age trying to hang on to a professional career... To be honest... I am suspect of your chances if you are here asking this particular question. What are your issues? Why haven't you made it? What programs are you currently involved with? What did you do after college?
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      To be honest your chances are very slim. Players coming up through the ranks typically get released if they're in AA ball at 26. You would be started three notches lower at 25. Short season A players at the oldest are 22 year old college seniors. On top of it all you didn't draw any notice in the draft or as a free agent coming out of college. A better opportunity would be to tryout for an Independent League team.
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        just go for it. your chances are small but you've got nothing to lose. will be a good experience anyway.

        there is a guy named chris collabello who did train with a poster here(tewks) who never played in an organisation but played indy ball till age 26. he now plays in AA ball although his chances to make it are not great. but at least he made it to AA ball which is more than 99% of all players reach.

        however he did rake in Indy ball you sound like you didn't play at all? also what is your position? If you are small and can't hit it out you will need to be able to play a premium position very well
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