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    Originally posted by real green View Post
    Do you mind sharing your list of drills?
    This came up in the secondary pitches thread.

    Here's some at home drills I'd introduce to my catchers very early in the season:
    (Some of these are much easier to demonstrate, than explain in words).

    On your own...
    Press your back to the wall and maintain a “seated” position. Build up your endurance over time. Don't start the clock until you start crying...
    Squat flat footed, during commercials while watching tv. Build up until you can squat during the show and take a break during commercials.
    Practice the 3 stances: giving signs, no one base, and runner on base. -- Once again, do not squat on the balls of your feet. This sacrifices balance and strength in the long run. It takes practice to build up the strength to do this properly.
    Practice the subtle shift from left to right to receive a pitch.
    Practice taking the ball from your mitt to your ‘ear’ and removing the ball to the throwing position, smoothly and quickly. Also, find the four seam grip.
    Practice your foot work for throwing to the base. For righties you start with your right foot, then left foot, then throw. The right foot should always "line you up" with the base.
    Practice blocking for balls down the middle, to the right, and to the left. Check your position after you set up. (We have a check list). Make sure your throwing hand 'leads the way'. (Use knee pads, if you don't have guards).
    Practice glove positioning for catching the proper half of the baseball.

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      I live in the Midwest, so often times, it is difficult to get outside to practice.

      Basic physical fitness...
      Push ups, sit ups, planks, stretches, squat thrusts, etc...
      At the first practice I give the boys a hand ball. (Smaller hands can get around this easier than a tennis ball).
      They can squeeze it with each hand, building up reps over time.

      All positions drills...
      Wrist flips (indoors they can use a rolled up sock). A tennis ball / hand ball can be used to bounce the ball back if you have an appropriate wall.
      Find the seams, picking the ball up off the floor or out of the glove and get to a four seam grip.
      Practice quickly remove the ball from the glove and getting into the throwing position.
      Practice the throwing motion without a ball. This can be done on one knee to isolate the upper body.

      Balance drill in front of a mirror.
      Towel drill with a bucket.

      I recommend that all my players get a T and hit balls. They can use whiffle balls if they don't have much space.
      Rotational drills... here's a video:


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