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Pitcher disruptions

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  • Pitcher disruptions

    Just can’t help myself! When I get to cussin’ and discussin’ the numbers, it makes me think of new ways to look at what data I have. This one came about as I was looking at disruptions from the offensive side to see which runners were being disruptive, and I wondered how the pitchers were faring.


    I’m not quite sure that it shows anything significant, but it does draw a picture that might tell someone something. But whatever the eventual outcome, I find it interesting to look at things like that to see if anything can be added to make the picture any clearer.

    Any Ideas? I was thinking about putting the percentage of batters thrown to WRO to see if it gives a better perspective to the data that follows.
    The pitcher who’s afraid to throw strikes, will soon be standing in the shower with the hitter who's afraid to swing.

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