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  • Off Topic: Baseball Joke.

    I may have posted this before, or maybe some of you have heard it, but it's pretty funny. My son told me this a couple years ago and for some reason he brought it up again last night..........

    An elderly ex-professional ball player died quietly in his sleep with his family and friends by his bedside. He fought a long and difficult battle with cancer.

    In his next moment of clarity he found himself at the Pearly Gates being greeted by St. Pete and a former teammate who proceeded him in death. His friend and teammate said, "Bill, welcome to Heaven." "We play baseball endlessly at a level even better than when we were in our prime. There's never a rain out. The ball parks are like palaces. No one ever strikes out, or gets picked off, or caught stealing. And, every at bat results in an extra base hit."

    "Wow!" "That true Peter?"

    "Absolutely, everyone speaks the truth here." "Your old pal Don is here to take you to the ball park now. You guys are playing the Saint Christopher's All Stars."

    "When's game time?"

    "In 2 hours!" "So, you guys need to get moving, so Don has time to show you around and get you down to the bullpen to get hot - You're pitching today."
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    My favorite baseball joke goes something like this ...

    A Scottish-American father comes over to America from Scotland for a visit, and his son takes him to a baseball to show him a real piece of Americana.

    The son is explaining the game, and the father keeps asking (In a Scottish accent), "Why's he runnin' so hard?" "Because he's trying to beat the throw to first base."

    Later on a batter hits a liner down the line and takes off like a blaze down the 1st baseline, trying for a triple and the dad exclaims "Why's he runnin' like that?!?" Because he's trying to get to 3rd base before the throw."

    This continues for a bit until they reach a batter with a full count and on the 6th pitch the batter earns a base on balls. The father, beside himself, starts frantically asking "Why's he walkin'?"

    "Because he has four balls."

    "Ah, walk with pride Son. Walk with pride."


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