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    There is a 10 year old that we play against that I've always compared to what I imagine Josh Hamilton was like as a kid. When we played them as 8 year olds he hit two out on a 225ft field. This year in Majors state he hit 69mph and was sitting around 65mph. On top of that he can can fly on the bases. I've never seen him play football, but the stories are the same as the Hamilton article, no one can tackle him. His team will be playing at the Elite 32 in Disney and I'd bet money he will be the one kid that stands out above everyone else there.

    What is funny is the article mentioned that Hamilton's dad was country strong. This kid's dad is the same way. Former K-State football player that I've seen one hand toss a pitching machine with the legs attached over his shoulder and carry it to the parking lot about 300 yards away.


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      makes you wonder how his life got so far off track.


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        Also a lot can change (for better or worse) in a few years. We have a kid on our travel team (13U) that I was told was far and away the best kid on the field as a 10 yo.

        Now he rides the bench half the time and personally I believe he should be playing league ball.


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