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Anybody ever try this product?

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  • Anybody ever try this product? Anybody have any thoughts or feedback on this product? Thanks!

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    hmmm... might be worth a try. - hitting and pitching fact checker


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      seems like it would be worth plagiarizing

      I think it teaches a good wrist snap. the only concern that I would have is that it could lead to too late batspeed. In a good swing you want maximum batspeed when the bat is perpendicular to the pitch (contact point). however the "snap" or also the throwing of the ball occurs roughly 90 degrees later when the bat points to the pitcher (otherwise the ball won't fly towards the pitcher).

      so this thing could lead to a wrong timing of the wrist snap. still it might be a good tool for kids who cast/unhinge the wrists prematurely.
      I now have my own non commercial blog about training for batspeed and power using my training experience in baseball and track and field.


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        live BP > all those gimmicks
        See ball, hit ball.


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          Didn't they already have something like this several years ago, with a bat and some sort of ball or ball bearing inside? The idea was that it started at the bottom of the barrel and did not hit the top (you could feel it roll and hit the top) until you rolled your wrists near the finish of the swing.

          Or something like that...

          Tools like these I tend to worry about the user playing to the tool rather than learning from it. In other words - they will change their swing so that the tool works in their favor, thus making the tool "work" but then go back to their normal swing when they put a real bat in their hands.


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            looks like junk to me.

            stick with the cam wood bat and the muhl tech training bat. You can try the speed stick by Coach Brockoff if you like. the one with the ball bearing inside is best I think, you can hit real baseballs with it. I really like the cam wood bat!


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              Agree with Cajun


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                $100... !!! :flow:
                With just a little thought... I bet one could make one of these things...
                Just a baseball layman trying to make sense of it all...


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