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    I have some questions to about three numbers: 44, 27, and 22. I'm going to list the ones i've found and i'd like to see if ive missed any.


    Anthony Rizzo
    Jake Peavy
    Mike Leake
    Mark Trumbo
    Aaron Harang
    Tony Watson
    Roy Oswalt
    Hank Aaron
    Reggie Jackson


    Jose Altuve
    Giancarlo Stanton
    Johnny Petralta
    Scott Rolen
    Geoff Blum
    Matt Kemp
    Mike Trout
    Catfish Hunter
    Carlton Fisk


    Jason Hayward
    Matt Garza
    Jason Kipnis
    Andruw Jones
    Andrew McCutchen
    Drew Storen

    have i missed any?
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    what are the questions???
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      There are websites for this information.


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        Hard to list #27s these days without including Matt Kemp and Mike Trout.
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          question was if i missed any players whove worn those three numbers


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            wrong forum. you might get better answers in the history forum.
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