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    Originally posted by azmatsfan View Post
    Nope. Nothing contrived about the hand cocking. In fact we've talked about a smooth slow load. We haven't worked on his swing in a while because he's been playing and hitting really well. I'm of the "if it ain't broke don't fix it" philosophy during the season. Now that it's off season we can work on some things. As you can see from the differences in his swing from December to now that he plays around with his own swing a lot. He'll go 5 for 5 then say, "I think I'm going to change my stance and stride." I think he does it just to drive me nuts.
    Definitely. If he's hitting well with that hand cocking then obviously he is doing the right thing. Great to hear he works on his own swing a lot. That's the way to do it. Granted, there could be over tinkering but a lot of kids are just oblivious. "What am I doing wrong coach? Help me coach?"
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      if he would coil instead of shifting as he unweights his front leg you'd see things "clicking" into place and a lot of the identified issues -- including the shift-then-swing, out-front push, concerns about the hand cock -- would begin to work themselves out rather naturally, I think....

      and yes that's my first post from a long-time lurker : >


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        Hey, I found another video from May. This swing looks like the best of the three in my opinion. If I can get him back to here, then I'll work on his hand path.
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          That last one right there, that is the front leg action I am talking about.

          And I am not saying they need to be opening it wide, than can stride to open (Albert Belle, Magglio etc.) or not but the main thing I see is a slight turning outward of the leg (from the upper leg) can go a long way towards not using the front leg in such a way that it blocks things. See Bonds here you've probably all seen this clip over the years and look at where the leg meets the hip, I feel an ever so slight external rotation setup in that front leg. Not drastic but a good setup. With nothing blocking long before Bonds even attacks the baseball, the back leg has already gotten sat (see the rear knee down and in before the hands are even ready to launch).


          The other cheat we did was a Nelson Cruz type of setup (kid from our league Dante Bichette Jr. was using it also) where we curved in the back foot, while the hip coil is pulled around, from a feel perspective. I feel like if you cheat the back foot a little (or a lot whatever works), and try to stay back with the weight feeling on top of the back leg as the back leg drives forward a little good things happen.... as long as the pelvis doesn't get turned towards the 2B defender (meaning RH hitter) too much that the back leg will get "sat" much like you see in a pitcher, and that lowering of the center of gravity is when you see that leg start to turn. Hip slide of course causes your weight to move out past your back leg, it's as if you have slid away from the load, and so you end up getting to the front side and having to pull the swing around via the front hip. Much better for the front hip to have started clearing so that by the time the foot gets down the back leg is turning.

          Now from last winter when the kid was learning it, we tried adding a little momentum here on the left but the back leg never fired or "won" he shifted his weight off the leg (with the hips) and had to pull it through from the front side. When we cheated the back foot a little and figured out that your rear leg must drive as a unit, rather than sliding your hips the difference was huge. On the right how see how much more effortless it seems. Also now, notice the body gets naturally tilted. In the old clip the back knee is stuck behind as if it's stuck not moving in the same position over the foot. That is sliding the hips vs. using the leg to create any forward momentum.



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            The front elbow bent is unnatural, forced. Wrist hinge happens way too early, almost like it initiates the swing


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              Jake's hands need to stay close to his back shoulder as he attacks the ball to ensure he is staying inside and behind the ball. Here is a writing explaining this. "How to stay behind the ball"

              Also you can view his swing side-by-side next to pros for free at the same place,

              Good Luck!


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