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Initial Review: Louisville Slugger TPX Vertex BBCOR: BB12V

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  • Initial Review: Louisville Slugger TPX Vertex BBCOR: BB12V

    Our wood-bat showcase events are coming to a close (last one is this week/weekend in Jupiter) and the kid has stated that his Rawlings Plasma 33/30 was feeling really light in the limited BP swings he's taken over the summer. So I decided to see if he could go with a 34/31. I looked around for a cheap, yet decent, "experimental" bat. I could have easily gone with a 34" Rawlings Plasma which I'm sure the kid would have been fine with...

    But as luck turns out, I looked around the internet and saw the Louisville Slugger TPX Vertex BBCOR: BB12V was being deeply discounted. I remember last season Pete O'Brien of Miami used one last season, so based on what I know of him (son worked with him a few times while at Bethune-Cookman), and some of the reviews I read, I decided to give this model a shot.

    Here it is in action...

    I found a 34/31 at for $79.99 WITH FREE SHIPPING BOTH WAYS so I pulled the no-brainer trigger.

    When the bat arrived, the kid immediately said, "It's not too heavy." I needed a little more reassurance than that, so we took some BP and it turns out the whippersnapper was right and he had zero problems getting around on inside pitches and handled the "man-sized" club like it was nothing...

    Overall, the bat seems to have great balance and good feel. It also seems like he's hitting the ball quite a bit harder. Whether it has to do with a little more leverage and length or materials, I have no idea. It does have a wood-like "crack" sound at impact that we've kind of liked and grown accustomed to, after playing in all the wood-bat showcase events this summer... After this week's tournament hopefully we can do some on-field BP with it...

    Initial results have been EXTREMELY positive.

    Stay tuned!
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    Originally posted by Bolts-Baseball View Post
    Overall, the bat seems to have great balance !
    Its a conspiracy that $79 to $300 per bat consumers have to GUESS at the balance of the bat. That Bat Co will never let us know because they can take a $50 bat and glue a quarter to the end of it and sell it for $300 because it now has more "power"


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