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    Been working on seeing what I could do with something that came up about a month ago, having to do with batters and moving runners. What I’m looking for isn’t complicated at all. I’m trying to see something at a glance that tells me how the hitters are moving base runners.

    To test what I’m looking at and for, I’ve scored several Cleveland games over the last 2 months, and am using that data. Before someone else sees it, yesterday I noticed there weren’t any instances of a bases loaded PA. This morning I found out why and got it corrected, and that’s why there’s only 1. I’d go back and get all 40 games or so and correct the data, but this data is only for testing purposes like what I’m doing now, and it will be all deleted when I start doing HS games again, so I’m not willing to spend a couple hours for nothing really.


    In the attachment there are 3 different metrics. The 1st shows each player and what they’ve done in every PA, as far as moving the lead runner and/or RBIs. I’ll use Santana as an example because he’s the only one with a bases loaded scenario.

    He’s come up 8 times with runners on 1st and 2nd. He’s moved the lead runner 4 times and gotten 1 RBI. Kipness on the other hand, in the same situation has moved 8 lead runners and gotten 3 RBIs. All that means is, Kipness does a better job of moving the lead runner in that situation. But, if you look at the same 2 players for runners on 1st, you see that Santana does a better job in that situation.

    The 4th page is nothing more than an overall look at the team as a whole, for all the situations. The next metric shows how things look when you see them by batting position.

    Now keep in mind that I’ve just now finished figuring out how to not only get the information needed to look at things from this perspective, but also as to how to display it for analysis, so things may not be perfect. But, so far they are interesting, and I’m looking forward to seeing how things will look for the HS team.

    Any questions or thoughts are always appreciated.
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