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Another number to keep a scorer bizzy.

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  • Another number to keep a scorer bizzy.

    Well, thanx to the discussions here and elsewhere, I’ve been able to put something in my scoring program that while it may not help with decisions, it will allow me to at least see the kind of success I can expect from a hitter in a given runner situation.

    That snapshot shows Cabrera up with Kipness on 2nd. If you look to the right of Cabrerra’s name on the diamond, you’ll see a series of numbers. The top MRA number is percentage of times he’s moved all lead runners, but the bottom one is the percentage of times he’s moved a lead runner in this situation, which is a runner on second only.

    Like I said, its just another number that wouldn’t mean much to some, but I’ll be able to at leas have some expectations, one way or the other.
    The pitcher who’s afraid to throw strikes, will soon be standing in the shower with the hitter who's afraid to swing.

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