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  • Video Mode/Pitching Problem

    Wow. I bought my digital camera a year before my son was born. It was both awe-inspiring and quite expensive 10 years ago. Now it's old and lame compared to the cameras everyone else owns. But I did remember tonight that it has a video mode. I need to check into the maximum video length. I think it's around 90 seconds. That should be sufficient for taking video of the team.

    Tonight, I grabbed a few quick frames of my son throwing. It was nice for us to watch it together, and he gets it now. Apparently, he thought he was supposed to raise his elbow to shoulder height as the elbow moves past the shoulder following the turning of the upper torso. It clicked when he realized I was saying that his elbow needs to come up to shoulder height before he cocks the ball. As you can see from this brief video, his elbow starts lower and rises to shoulder height toward the end of the throw. And this is precisely one of the issues that he has had. In fact, the elbow is sometimes so low that it forces his forearm away from his body, and that causes the sidearm thing that I've mentioned before.

    Here's the video. I will be taking a lot more over the next few weeks. I'll try to post a few when I see some improvement.

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    If you have an iphone, I use Coach's Eye. You can slow down video which is what you need to do.

    I also have a GoPro which will so 120 FPS.

    In regards to the video, I'm far from an expert, but I would say to start, his leg and hands don't come up to start, and he's not following through. Looks like he finishes almost completely upright. Can't really see the lower body on the finish. I taught my boys "up, down and out" (yes he should finish with his head up,).

    Also I would say the majority of pitching my kids practice are at home in front of a mirror.



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      Well, we just ran outside quickly to take a look at his arm swing and see where the problem was. He normally has a leg kick at the start of his delivery and would follow through more. He was throwing at a tree in the yard, and the house is behind it. LOL


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