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Pitching from flat ground

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  • Pitching from flat ground

    In Flush's recent thread the videos showed some youngsters pitching from flat ground. Is that typical for some parts of the country? What are the advantages and reasons the leagues do it? Should we do more work with pitchers in bullpens from flat ground? Reason I ask is we never played any tourney at 9 or 10 from flat ground until we went to Omaha for triple crown slumpbuster. There were no mounds. I asked one official and he said it was about half and half around there till 12u. Even when we play on
    softball fields aground here there is a portable mound. Id just never seen it till this summer..and when I saw those photos.
    They also used safety bases at first..putting an additional bag down outside of the primary bag..the runner could touch the outside bag going through..that is a good idea for safety.

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    I haven't seen a mound this year in our division 9/10 year olds. No mounds at the district or regional level either. Can't speak to the state championship fields because we didn't make it that far.


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      We played one tournament this year at a field with no mound and a dirt infield. It took a while for our pitchers pitchers to adjust (2 or 3 batters each). Our home field is not world class, but I after travelling to a couple other league's fields, we are pretty lucky to have what we have. A lot of hard work by the coaches go into it though.
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