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Diamond iX3 catchers gear?

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  • Diamond iX3 catchers gear?

    Hello I jus got hired on at a baseball facility in Texas. I'm working with pitchers and catchers and am looking at new gear. A friend of mine recommended Diamond iX3 as some good gear. I went online to do some research and didn't find much. So I was wondering if any of you have some knowledge on the products?
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    That is what my son wears and he loves it. We have had other kids use it and I have never heard a negative word about the gear from the kids.


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      Don't have any personal experience, but from this website, it sure does look NICE! Seems a bit pricey at $200 for youth gear (at least for what a cheapskate like me would want to pay )....but if it's quality stuff, you may end up saving money in the long run, especially if it's getting constant use at a "baseball facility".
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        I bought mine in pieces and most of it was either on clearance or I bought it on Ebay at a discount. I doubt I paid more than $125 total, but that was over the course of an offseason. The gear has lasted for 3 years with no issues.


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