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    Does anyone have any experience with dura turf mats outdoors? I am moving my batting cage & now have a cement batters box & was thinking of just throwing down one of these mats. I guess my concern is how flat they lay as well as if any mud will come through the bottom of the mat making a mess.

    I know It will kill the grass & I was thinking of putting down some sand to level it off. Before I made the cement batters box in the old location the box turned to mud pretty quickly. Also not sure of the differences in the 3 mats they sell. I know the dome by our house uses them indoors in their cages & they are quite heavy,,Thanks

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    I use mats that they use in horse stalls (and hockey rinks as runners), that have been outdoors for that past six years without a single problem, or the slightest sign of wear.....they have had some cleats worn on them, but that is very seldom, and only when younger kids show up for the first time.

    Five years ago, when a friend of mine purchased a "well used" indoor hitting facility, I gave him four of them as a "cage warming gift", and while he has since sold the business, I have been back on occasion, and the mats are still there, in almost "brand new" condition.

    I purchased mine at a local feed store, but they do have them online here.....I purchased the 4x6 FT - 1/2 inch size, but that may have been an overkill (but all the store had on hand), I think the 3/8" would work just as well, and not be so friggin' heavy to move.
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      Thanks Mud that looks perfect & we have tractor supply company not to far away that stocks them


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        I also can vouch for the mats used in the horse stalls. They are very heavy.


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