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    I’ve done some more tinkering with the runners on base thing and added what the batters did, other than routine outs.

    As I was looking through the different players, a couple things jumped out at me. For instance, take a look at Mike Yanez. He struck out 14 times, but 13 were with no runners on. Or Matt Stafford. Of the 15 times he came up with just a runner on 2nd, 8 times he got him moved over. But of the 13 times he came up with just a runner on 3rd, he only moved the runner twice. It was almost exactly the same for Zach Stilwell and Mike Yanez, but just the opposite for Spencer Jemes and Josh Adams, and for Nico Toni it didn’t seem to matter. He was moving the single runner whether the runner was on 1st, 2nd, or 3rd.

    Its really interesting to me how complex the dynamics get when you see trends like those because its so difficult to take advantage of them.

    Any thoughts what you might do if you had access to that information?
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