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SLIDING question - what are you teaching?

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  • SLIDING question - what are you teaching?

    I've just want some feedback, and this is a great place to get it.

    How are you teaching your kids to slide into 2nd base? Particularly, back to the infield or outfield.

    I have been teaching figure four with your right leg under the straight left (for the pop-up), looking for the ball to go into the OF.

    During All-Stars last spring, the coach was teaching the opposite. I haven't seen any bonafide right/wrong way - but I feel pretty strongly about back to the infield. In addition, this will protect them from a ball to the face.

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    I've taught it as you say, figure four. Only difference is not to put right leg under left, but put bottom of right foot against the side of left knee. Also, teach them to just sit down and let forward momentum carry them to bag (also keeps them from falling left/right/backwards), and throw arms up (I surrender) for balance.


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      First - hook slide towards the outfield for throws from the catcher.
      Second - hook towards the infield for throws from the outfield. It can be awkward for kids to learn sliding with the other foot.
      Third - pop up slides

      When the kids turned thirteen they were on their own to learn head first. I never liked head first. I'm not a big fan of it due to the exposure of hands and arms. A player can play with a spiked ankle. They may not be able to play with spiked fingers. That said, my son went head first from the day he hit the 13U field. He had been practicing in the yard on a Slip and Slide.


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