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Mike Epstein new dvds? "The Core Program"

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    Originally posted by Cannonball View Post
    pstein, I know you play. Do you coach and if so, what level?
    PM sent...


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      Originally posted by aimhigh View Post
      To be precise, Ted said that no one had to teach HIM about hip cock; but 25% of kids at the Little League age don't cock their hips. If we flip that around we can conclude that roughly 75% of kids hip cock naturally. With the kids that do it naturally it's important to NOT coach it out of them with bad drills. The other 25% will obviously have to be taught. When Ted begins talking about The Moves of The Hitter in the "TSOH", he starts off with the hip cock.

      It wouldn't surprise me if fewer kids are hip cocking today than in the past because of how drills get passed around on the internet or through dvds.
      Pretty true, I think. Those 25% or whatever who don't do it-it's likely fear of the ball is a factor.The legs have to commit, going back and going forward, and if the commitment is not there then there is likely an element of fear.
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