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Leg actions of other throwing sports

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  • Leg actions of other throwing sports

    Here are some videos. maybe noon wants to make some gifs.

    Javelin (actually the origin of yeagers push block theory- the block is taught since the 1970s in javelin throwing)

    Steve Backley javelin throw filmed by QuinticFor more info visit (WR holder)
    shot put


    the discus thrower seems to get the closest to noons pattern of the knee going foward before the hips while the shot putters seem to rotate their knee and hips more at the same time.
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      Dom, Good examples of highly efficient throwing/hurling/slinging athletes within their given contexts of implement weights, implement geometries, launching platform constraints, release constraints, and body geometries. All with the goal of putting as much distance between themselves and the implement.

      Consider how the mechanics would change if the shot putter weren't constrained to the circle or if the javelin thrower was? How would the shot putters mechanics change if his implement weren't 16 pounds but instead 6 pounds like the discuss? What if the shot putter could hook his fingers around the shot like the discus and centripetally accelerate the shot? See hammer throw.

      Watch how the weight of the shot dictates how the athlete limits his degree's of freedom at the shoulder joint and stresses at the elbow through the application of intuitive mechanics. What would be the cut over weight of the shot so that the athletes mechanics intuitively change allowing different stresses at those joints. Would he use these same mechanics if the shot was 4 lbs? How about 1 lbs? 1/3 lbs?

      Examples could go on and on and on (legs included), but all sorts of good stuff can be gleaned from taking a good look at different sporting athletes and how they perform.
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