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  • FastArm

    I am extremely leery of baseball training aids, but I stumbled across this one that piqued my interest. I thought I'd see if anyone has had any experience with it?

    You will add arm strength and improve your throwing endurance in just a few weeks. Pick up the FastArm and swing it a few times before you start throwing a baseball and see how good your arm feels with your first throw. Recommended for all positions.

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    I just looked at it. Neftali Feliz is promoting it in a youtube video. The video shows him doing various warm ups and exercises with it while a voice over touts how it loosens his arm, builds strength etc. I believe he only pitched in a hanful of games this season and was set to have Tommy John Surgery. I think I'll pass on it.
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      After looking at it... I'd say 100% gimmick.


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        While I don't think its a horrible product, it looks like you can get the same results or at least do the same drills, from stretching (or j-band) and the towel drill.

        Additionally, it would depend on who you are buying it for. If its for yourself, well maybe you'll use it alot. If its for a young son or daughter, chances are they will skip this, do some basic stretching and move on to throwing/playing catch.


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          Never assume a product is a great training tool because a pro endorses it. The agent explains the product to the player. The player thinks it sounds good, endorses the product and walks off with a check. I was never into the gimmicks. My kids only has a Jugs net, a tee and a soft toss machine.
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            Thanks for the replies, guys. I figured it wasn't worth it. As to pros endorsing products, I remember reading somewhere on the Internet that Derek Jeter endorsed products are the worst, so, yeah, I'm wary of most baseball training aids right out of the gate but doubly so when a pros endorses it.

            I think I'll stick to giving my son a couple weeks off from throwing and then get back to long tossing.


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              It promotes a disconnected/pushing delivery, aside from doing nothing more for warming up than generally-accepted methods (band work, light throwing, etc).
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