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Nostalgic for MLB slap-hitters of yore

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  • Nostalgic for MLB slap-hitters of yore

    Rod Carew, Manny Mota, the Alou brothers.

    I prefer (and teach) the modern swing.

    But I really enjoyed watching some of the masters of bat control in the olden days.

    Late in this clip, Rod Carew peppers a ball oppo. Makes it look easy.


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    Rod Carew had a unique style. I wouldn't characterize it as old fashioned or un-modern. He also had an OPS of 1.019 in 1977 with 68 extra base hits. Unlike Carew, today's hitters use legal and illegal supplements which make them bigger and stronger.

    In the first video his hands literally explode at the last second to shoot the ball up the middle. In the last video, he is off-balance and somehow finesses the ball for a hit the other way. You are right in one sense: today's "modern" hitter would have happily wailed at that last pitch and walked back to the dugout with another one of his 179 k's.
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