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what do you think about stop at contact drills?

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  • what do you think about stop at contact drills?

    I got jake epsteins DVD and he does a lot of stop drills. actually he doesn't stop at contact but maybe 10 inches after contact when the arms are a bit more extended.

    what do you think about those drills? I actually like doing them although I do them with more bend arms then jake recommends (he has the arms nearly extended there- I emailed with him about that and he told me that he knows that arms are bent at contact but he likes to work on extension through contact because many players just "spin through" without extending through contact.

    I do them with more bent arms and aim for a point about 5 inches behind the ball. I think this is a good drill to work on contact position and contact skills.
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    I think stop at contact drills are very useful for hitters who are overhauling their swing.
    Also as a diagnostic tool. For instance, say you've got a new player and you're unfamiliar with his swing. You ask him to stop at contact. It gives you a freeze-frame view of his swing, without having to use video.


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      I am not a fan. Not to many guys can stop at contact while swinging. When I see guys doing this they tend to, at contact, drag the knob around the body. If you are doing slow mo swings. You maybe able to get away with it.


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        I like a bottom hand stop at contact drill with a weighted bat. Build up those triceps/grip/delt muscles. Strength training. Let the hitter feel the muscles working. For any drill, especially something like a stop at contact drill, it just depends on whether the hitter feels he is getting value out of it. I don't see it as a great drill but it depends on the hitter. Maybe it has value keeping the head on the ball at contact.
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