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Lacing Ball Gloves

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  • Lacing Ball Gloves

    I was at the local sports store owned by some friends and not a chain store. I was getting lace to relace my daughter's glove since it broke yesterday. The owner of the store asked if I would lace gloves for the store's customers but act as a private contractor. I've laced gloves for most of my life and have done so for the teams I've coached and friends. I have never charged but instead ask them to get good quality leather for me to work with.

    Being ignorant about what people charge for this, are there any standard prices? It sounded like if I agree, I'm about to get a bunch of business. (I don't know that I want a bunch of business now that college ball is about to start and I'm going to be on the road a lot.)
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    $20 to $25.


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      I would ask on the glove-works forum. A lot of guys over there do that.


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