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    Anyone used the pitch recognition app for the iPad from this or another company? My son got to use the full size training aid at a camp over the weekend. It was installed in the college's brand new training facility that's been open for a week. They are a pilot project for the trainer, so my son and the other kids attending the camp are the first ones to really get extended time on it. My son liked it a lot. It was incorporated into an 8 station hitting circuit. They spent a few minutes using the Brain Trainer, then went to a station where they got to see live fastball / change-ups.

    Looks like the basic app is free with charges for the upgrades. Just wondering if anyone has used it and what their opinions are. I'm probably going to get it anyway, but I'm curious as to what to expect?
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    Downloaded LHB and RHB. Looks like to use you need to purchase to run. I think any visual training is a + even with still imagery. If it added real time video at some point that would be very valuable. I spoke with Chipper several years ago @ a camp my son was at. He said that his homework before every game was to watch pitching videos.
    I thought I read or saw this during an MLB game that iPads were being used during games to deconstruct an at bat.
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      does it work for windows too or do I have to be in the apple sect?
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        Reminds me of this commercial:


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